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New Contemporary Art museum in Buenos Aires


status: competition entry

location: Buenos Aires, ARG

year: 2012

co-author: Lena Trpelkova

art is, to some extent, a reflection of society.



In the past, the contemporary artistic style was always uniform. However, this began to change at

the beginning of the 20th century, especially after World War II. Nowadays, there are an enormous number of artistic styles. The concept of our building reflects this fact not only in a philosophical

but also in a practical way.

The facade of the museum changes constantly. It serves as a Tabula Rasa - a blank canvas for

the artists to carry out their work on. However, if they wish, they can hide a part of their work behind frosted glass which reflects the surroundings along the riverbank.


Hello World
Hello World


The pre-positioned facade is made from vertical panes of glass 'PRIVA-LITE'. At the flick of a switch, the glass panels go from transparent to translucent between the external walls and the glass facade is a corridor, thus providing workspace for the artists to create their works on the "blank canvas" of the walls. With the controlled transparency of the glass, individual works of art can be gradually uncovered. The entire facade of the gallery thus becomes one large canvas layered with a piece of contemporary art.

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