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central park book studio

05 A.png

The Base

The library is based on the grid of Manhattan and its blocks, which forms the basic unit of the city’s urban fabric.

The density of cities naturally facilitates human interaction but often find it to be isolating, now even more with the digital world, which is why a horizontal spread was chosen, with its dimensions mirroring those of the city’s base unit. In contrast to the city, it is characterised by its simplicity, colour, location, permeability, accessibility and function. 

05 B.png

The Shape

The shape of the building is opposite of what it is surrounded by and opposed to towering structures above on a small area but rather spreading, on the same level as people, acting as a physical juxtaposition to its surroundings – width, height, roof. The height of the building, it’s almost levelling with the grass – a grounding feeling.

05 C.png


Incorporated elements of cathedrals and temples as depicted on the front elevation image. The symmetrical balance is maintained, along with the indirect lighting and rosette window, as the key element of cathedrals, to provide an inclusive space and a sanctuary and gateway to inner freedom and a celebration of tranquillity.

05 D.png


The jaunty set of shades prevail both in the interior and exterior in stark contrast to its surroundings, cutting a crisp contrast with the natural elements of the greenery and wood reflecting its sustainability. The 5 shades evoke sensibility and elegance but fitting into the 21st century, appealing to all demographics because of its unique aesthetic.

05 E.png

Mobile versatile bookshelves

Multi-purpose mobile bookshelves are a crucial part of the overall design as they hand the power over to the readers and visitors, subject to their comfort preference. Shelves can be easily rearranged to create a work station, desk, seating area. The shape is inspired by the traditional book – in its standing position with curved edges, but able to usefully incorporate its functionality to create a fluid floor plan.   


central park book studio

status: public architectural competition | finalist

location: New York, USA

year: 2019

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