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As a London-based architect originally from central Slovakia, Robert has delivered projects ranging from high-end residential buildings in London and Los Angeles to designing and visiting projects in the Middle East. His passion for visual art in public spaces grew over time after working with local Czech artists during and after his studies, along with the numerous international competitions he had taken part in. His combined experiences resulted in a desire to expand beyond the architectural realm.


castelfranco Emilia food academy logo competition
public sculpture project Viseu in Portugal
central park book studio competition
residential stadium in New York competition
constructing communities RIBA competition (as a part of Design Haus Liberty)
retirement home in Sezimovo Usti competition (as a part of Jura et Consortes)
funeral design competition
convent reconstruction in Cheb competition (as a part of Jura et Consortes)
think arch competition
contemporary Czech house architecture competition
Milan Stehlik Prize: the best thesis in the Faculty of Architecture
personalised houses competition
the centre of architecture and design project competition
new forest school in Zichovec competition
school addition in Roztoky competition
Pilsen towers (the 2nd largest architectural competition in Czech republic)
liapor house competition
the Ernst Wiesner Architecture Prize
concrete house competition
the building of the South Moravian region
the Ernst Wiesner Architecture Prize
student scientific and professional activity, Brno University of Technology
'living for singles' project competition

finalist mention
1st Prize
3rd Prize
Autodesk award
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
special prize
honourable mention
2nd Prize
2nd Prize
2nd Prize | public voting
1st Prize
2nd Prize
2nd Prize
5th Prize


Almanach ARC +10 (2015)
Magazine E2 (2013)
magazine Dum a Zahrada (2013)
magazine Udalosti VUT (2011), Almanach ARC +5 Workshop (2011)

projects Cafe Exupéry, Pilsen towers, “Hello World!“
an interview
project Spartan
project POP for rent
project POP for rent

group exhibitions

Constructing Communities (2016)
ARC MAPS (2016)
Contemporary Czech House (2014)
Personalized House Competition (2013)
Central Group Competition (2012)
An inspiration by coffee (2011)
The Ernst Wiesner architectural Prize (2011)
Visions for Brno (2011)
ARC... +5 Workshop (2010)
The Ernst Wiesner architectural Prize (2010)

Peckham Levels, London, UK
Urban Centre, Brno, CZ
Gallery of Architecture, Brno, CZ
Kotera Centre architecture, Prague, CZ
The fair wooden building, Prague, CZ
The old town hall, Prague, CZ
Coffee Club Caffeteria, Brno, CZ
The Foyer of FCE, Brno, CZ
Mala Kralovopolska Galerie, Brno, CZ
Gallery of Architecture, Brno, CZ
The Foyer of FCE, Brno, CZ


giving a lecture on 33 ways How to stay creative | 2+2 - live presentations of students and teachers

workshop Arch for People, Prague | under Felipe Artengo Rufino‘s leadership
the champion of the Slovak republic in basketball | junior category

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