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noodle house


status: Contemporary Czech House 2014 competition | 2nd Prize

location: -

year: 2014


Nowadays, we witness a crisis in the historical centres of Czech villages. Village houses tend to expand uncontrollably on the outskirts of villages and greedily bite off pieces

of arable land, instead of making use of the potential of village residential areas and

the so called "dead" parcels in it.


Hence this project represents a call for more proficient urban planning, rather than

an architectural appeal. It is based on a long narrow plot of land, that was ideal for

the needs of the medieval feudal society, but doesn't really fit into the demands of our times. However, I believe that even this kind of limitation can provide enough comfortable living space for a family of four.


The village has been built along a road, which has caused the prolonged shape of the urban area


Uncontrolled construction of houses creates dead zones in the residential areas of villages, a "no man's land" designed as residential plots in the local ground plans

This project looks for an architectural solution that would take advantage

of the challenging shapes of the parcels


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