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this is not a love song

Every religion, every culture and every country have their own special wedding traditions.

All of them have one thing in common. This act, whether formal or ritual, celebrates the union of two people within one bond. It means the beginning of their life together.

The concept of the Wedding Pavilion project is based on this idea. Just like the spouses who support each other in marriage, the Pavilion consists of two main elements that complement each other

and would make no sense without one another. The supporting structure consists of scaffolding layered with brass.

On it rest white multifunctional panels that provide the guests with comfort.



The Wedding Pavilion and the Restaurant Pavilion have great flexibility. The structural principles offer special variations. The vertical multifunctional panels can be arranged as needed.

The Ceremony Pavilion is the only fixed point and the only element with a circular

footprint, and of course, a circle is one of the main symbols within marriage.



I chose to use scaffolding to enable an effective assembly on one hand while on the other

it symbolises the fact that marriage is never a complete finished thing.

There is always plenty to work on...



I am one of those who believe that God is hidden in the details. That is why we included in the project a unique design for the scaffold fittings. Because the whole consists of the individual parts. 

wedding pavilion

status: public architectural competition | competition entry

location: Rosciano's Castle, ITA

year: 2017

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